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Relaunch of the Graded Care Profile 2 Workshop

Aims and Learning

This workshop is aimed both at those who have already completed the GCP2 training and those who want to know more about the tool and will:

•  Introduce the Graded Care Profile tool and discover how it can be used effectively when working with neglectful or potentially neglectful parenting.  

•  Give participants the opportunity to hear about the experiences of practitioners using the tool locally.

•  Provide clarification for participants about some of the myths and misunderstandings which have been identified around the use of the GCP2 in the East Riding.

•  Explore how the GCP2 tool is being innovatively in other areas of the country and allow for contribution to the future use of GCP2 in the East Riding.

•  Provide participants with the updated East Riding GCP2 report format and procedures.

 Ref Code  Date  Venue
WS 24/02/20 Mon 24 February 2020 (1:30pm - 3:30pm) The Courtyard, Goole
WS 25/02/20 Tues 25 February 2020 (1:30pm - 3:30pm) Bridlington Links Gold Club
WS 26/02/20 Wed 26 February 2020 (1:00pm - 3:00pm) County Hall, Beverley