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Safe Sleeping for Babies - Reducing the risk of SIDS (e-Learning)


The aim of this module is to promote and support key safe sleeping for babies messages, raising the awareness of parents, family members or other people who come into contact with families. By completing this module you should know:

  • your key messages

  • how to encourage safe sleeping for babies

  • how you can help parents struggling to sleep their babies safely

  • how to locate and provide supplementary resources.

Apply online to access this course

Please note that this method of training is just an alternative to face-to-face training.
As with all child protection training we advise that you discuss learning and gain support after the course if necessary.

How does e-Learning work?

Each Module has a number of interactive learning screens, learner challenges, tracking and online assessment.  

There is a certificate for successful applicants.  

The training takes approximately one hour to complete – some people will do it more quickly and others may take longer.  

You can do it in stages and save your work.

What equipment is needed to access the Modules?

All that is needed is access to a computer that has an internet connection.

For the best possible internet browser experience, it is recommended you use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox.

You will get a better learning experience if you have sound enabled. Most computers come with built-in speakers, but the narration will generally be written in text on the screen for you to read if you don't have the sound turned on.

Apply online to access this course