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East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership (ERSCP) has signed up to an innovative way of safeguarding children training via the internet, to enhance the learning opportunities for those individuals and organisations who come into contact with children, young people and their parents or caregivers.  The training is hosted by the Virtual College one of the Uk's Leading E-learning providers.

ERSCP E-learning courses available


FREE external E-learning courses can be accessed below:

Online Safety Training NSPCC (external website)

Please note that this is the only advertised here that is not free of charge, there is a £35.00 +VAT charge per learner but in the absence of the ERSCP Online Safety training we would recommend undertaking this Online Safety Training provided by NSPCC in association with CEOP.

Safe Sleeping for Babies - Reducing the risk of SIDS (e-Learning)

The aim of this module is to promote and support key safe sleeping for babies messages, raising the awareness of parents, family members or other people who come into contact with families. By completing this module you should know:

  • your key messages
  • how to encourage safe sleeping for babies
  • how you can help parents struggling to sleep their babies safely
  • how to locate and provide supplementary resources.

HM Government Online PREVENT Training (external website)

An introduction to the Prevent duty, explaining how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves. It addresses all forms of terrorism and non-violent extremism, including far-right-wing and Islamist extremism threatening the UK. This training will provide an important foundation on which to develop further knowledge around the risks of radicalisation and the role that you can play in supporting those at risk.

PACE Child Sexual Exploitation Keep them safe: an interactive tool for parents (external website)

PACE, in partnership with Virtual College, has launched an interactive online information package for parents on the signs of child sexual exploitation. This course teaches the learner what child sexual exploitation is, how to spot the signs and who to report concerns to.

'In Your Hands' E-learning course on child trafficking (external website)   

This is a free resource that is appropriate for all professionals who may work with children who may have been trafficked. This course provides you with an awareness of the main issues around victim identification and what steps to take to provide support to a child victim of trafficking.

Female Genital Mutilation E-learning (FGM) (external website) 

Recognising and Preventing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (External Website)

The Home Office has launched free online training packages dealing with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) developed with the Virtual College. The training gives teachers, police, social workers, health workers, border force and others the training they need to help them identify and assist girls who are at risk of FGM

Awareness of Forced Marriage E-Learning (external website)

This course has been developed with the Forced Marriage Unit of the Foreign Office and aims to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and inform you of the correct actions to take should you suspect someone is at risk.

Further information about the ERSCP e-learning is detailed below:

SEND e-Learning

There is a SEND e-learning package, which is mandatory for ERYC staff working in children's services. This is available on the East Riding Learner website or please follow the link below: 

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Benefits of E-learning

The introduction of E-Learning can bring a number of benefits including:

  • A flexible delivery route with learning taking place at a pace, place and time to suit the learner
  • Delivery of high-quality and consistent message to learners
  • Engagement and retention of learners
  • The creation of a cost-effective delivery model.

To access this existing and innovative way of training please complete the E-Learning application form by clicking on the link below. Please allow 7 working days for application forms to be processed.

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